etVersionInfo Sample Program


The etVersionInfo sample program shows how to use the each component's "about" properties to get information about the version, edition, lines, and licensed user.

This is just for your own use for diagnostic purposes.  Be sure to never do anything that will expose your serial number!

Using This Sample Program
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  • TeleTools 3.7 or above

Using This Sample Program

This is a very, very simple program.  It just shows how to use TeleTools' about properties to display information that you might want to report to us for tech support or when verifying what version of the tools is in a project build. Each component has these properties:

  • AboutLevel

  • AboutLines

  • AboutVersion

  • AboutName

  • AboutUser

  • AboutCompany

  • AboutSerialNumber

To pick off specific sections of the version information, you can use simple string functions:

EditMajor.Text := MidStr(etLine1.About.Version,1,1);
EditMinor.Text := MidStr(etLine1.About.Version,3,1);
EditSub.Text := MidStr(etLine1.About.Version,5,1);
EditFix.Text := MidStr(etLine1.About.Version,7,1);

Download this Sample Program

For Use TeleTools v3.7



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Borland Delphi 5,6,7 Source code and wave files
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Release Notes

October 2, 2003

first release