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ExceleTel has been at the forefront of CTI software development for over 15 years. Our experience in the computer telephony development tools business with TeleTools has exposed us to a very wide range of telephony applications, telephony platforms, and perhaps most importantly, the wide and sometimes very frustrating range of telephony issues that you too may experience.  From TAPI to VoIP SIP to PBXs and more, we have helped both developers and end-users all over the world navigate their telephony projects from concept to successful deployment.  Contact us today and perhaps we can help you too!

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Add flexible computer telephony functionality to your application fast!

TeleTools Provides:
 Caller ID
 Called ID
 Redirected ID
 Play Wave Files
 Record Wave Files
 Call Waiting
 Detect Ring
 Detect SIT Tones
 Detect FAX
 Handoff much more functionality -- from basic to advanced

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To Help You Build:
 Screen Pops
 Call Centers
 Call Control
 Caller ID Apps
 PC Phones / Soft Phones
 Outbound IVR
 Call Timers
 Call Recorders
 Transcription systems
 Survey systems
 Operator Console
 Notification systems
 Message Delivery only by your imagination

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In These Environments:
 Visual Basic
 Visual C++
 Visual C++.NET
 C++ Builder
 Visual FoxPro
 Java Script
 VB Script
 Lotus Notes
 Turbo Delphi
 Turbo C++
 Visual DataFlex

...and nearly any other environment that supports ActiveX or VCL controls

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With This Equipment:
 Telephony Cards
 Desktop devices
 Server devices
 Dialogic / Intel / Eicon
 Way2Call (Hi-Phone)
 Vertical Networks

...and many, many others that support TAPI or SIP

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