What Can You Do With TeleTools?

Here are just some of the applications you can create with TeleTools:

  • Screen Pops
  • Caller ID Apps
  • IVR's (Interactive Voice Response Systems)
  • Call Center Apps
  • 1, 2, 4, 16, 24... 100 line Systems
  • PBX Control
  • Call Recording
  • Medical Transcription
  • Dictation
  • DTMF Detection
  • DTMF Control Systems
  • Conferencing
  • Applications BIG and small

Look At What Some Of Our Customers Are Doing With TeleTools


EmagiTEL, www.emagitel.com, delivers a web based mass messaging and interactive survey system.  They use TeleTools to handle multiple callers on multiple lines and to manage voice files. Their system allows clients to user their servers to create and run scripts to get out messages to hundreds or thousands of users as well as collect information using an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) survey system crated with ExceleTel TeleTools etLine DTMF digits methods and properties and etPlay and etRecord wave file controls. Deployed on Dialogic hardware.




PBX and WEB Telephony - Zerouno Informatica, www.zerogroup.it of Italy creates PBX and WEB telephony applications using the Vertical Networks Instant Office System.  They created the Health Telematic Network system (www.e-htn.it ) to allow doctors to work remotely via the telephone or VoIP.  From anywhere in the world doctors can share patient information via the internet and record their conversations and consultations to disk using TeleTools etPlay and etRecord controls.


Programmed Voice Response - This screenshot shows a speech application that sends pre-programmed messages over the phone

Call Tracking - Zerouno also created a system using TeleTools and Microsoft Exchange to track calls and allow company employees to make personal calls billed separately from their employer.  A database checks a call list and asks the user for a PIN number which it uses to bill calls to particular accounts.

Stealth Software

Talking Caller ID, www.talkingcallerid.com, is a TeleTools enabled shareware program that actually talks to you, telling you who is calling before you pick up the phone.  The program supports TAPI which lets you share your modem with other programs that use your modem.  It can work with 2 phone lines at the same time, notify you via pager or email of calls received, and even answer and play custom messages back to a person based on who is calling by looking up their caller ID from a database.  This feature can also be used to block telemarketers by automatically sending them a message telling them to remove you from their database.  Works with TAPI-compliant modems!  This product was originally written using TeleTools Standard 3.6 and has been updated using Professional 3.7.


PBX Call Center Application

From CS-Software in Portugal comes a feature-rich call center application that can place and track calls, monitor extensions, and even pickup and control calls at any extension. Capable of handling hundreds of lines Smartel simplifies the transfer and conferencing between calls and users with a simple graphical interface.  Keep a lookout here since we plan to highlight this application with multiple screenshots including a version in Smartel's native language of Portuguese.  Deployed on Multiple PBXs!  CS-Software program their telephony apps in Delphi using TeleTools Enterprise 3.6 and 3.7

Gundermann Hard & Softwareberung e.K.

Call Connection is a sophisticated call center application. Features include "busy lamp," making and receiving calls, and a networked phone book.   It is based on the Tevitel PBX  The TAPI TSP is a 3rd party networked service provider and was written in Delphi.   Visit www.gundermann-software.de to see several products enhanced by TeleTools Enterprise 3.6 and 3.7.  


Mitan Telematica S.p.A.

Mitan Telematica, www.mitan.it, creates CTI solutions for the InstantOffice System using TeleTools:

  • IVR
  • Recording financial transactions
  • Routing fax on Called ID
  • Fax on Demand
  • Traffic monitor for pay phone center
  • Prepaid phone card.

Mitan Telematica also created  a Virtual Telephone using TeleTools to manage the inbound traffic with day and night messages, attended message for a busy operator and  visualization of the Caller ID from Outlook Contacts.

Hardis Netherlands

Hardis Netherlands, www.hardis.nl, creates advanced software solutions using Teletools to manage inbound and outbound calls, totally integrated with the clients backoffice system(s). When a customer calls who's telephone number is known in the database, the information will be displayed, with lookup capability for the customer's details and history.
The solutions are running on Windows clients, integrated with the following server platforms : Windows, Linux and iSeries (AS/400).

Nordic Modules

Nordic Modules, www.nordic-modules.com, develops add-on modules for SuperOffice CRM 5 that integrate SuperOffice with ERP systems, Telephony systems, Address suppliers etc.  Nordic Modules serves the SuperOffice market in Europe. They developed PBX Dial using TeleTools Express in Borland Delphi.

Nordic PBX Dial
Nordic PBX Dial integrates SuperOffice with the telephone system. Meaning the contact card in SuperOffice automatically appears when the phone rings, hereby saving you time, offer you a complete overview over the previous activities on the contact and ensuring that you are always well prepared.

With Nordic PBX Dial, all incoming and outgoing phone calls are recorded, so you can see, for example, who called while you were out for lunch or in a meeting.

Visit our Clients' sites to find out more about their products  and call us to find out what YOU can do with TeleTools in your application!