etSiemens Sample Program


ExceleTel’s etSiemens sample application demonstrates the powerful combination of ExceleTel TeleTools and the HiPath TAPI solution from Siemens.  

Using CallBridge TU, developers can now have access to all of the features of their handset using one simple windows interface.  To prove it, we built this sample using our TeleTools Enterprise Edition.

This application is a soft-phone that duplicates the features of your handset.  We've also added Speed Dial and a Call Log feature that you won't find on your handset. We hope to provide real value to the end user while demonstrating the power of TeleTools. 

ExceleTel TeleTools can be used to build applications like this one from scratch or to integrate the available features of your HiPath system into existing applications.  TeleTools leverages the power of the Siemens TAPI  implementation to increase the return on your Hi Path investment.   TeleTools is ideal for telephony enabling existing applications at the desktop, PBX, or server level. Developers can invest confidently in the longevity and successful track record of the ExceleTel TeleTools suite of products.

Message to Siemens employees/distributors:  We hope you’ll use the program to demonstrate the power of your CallBridge offering.   Your clients will benefit from this introduction.  They are often looking for ways to integrate existing software with their telephony environment but don’t know where to start.  ExceleTel TeleTools allows your clients to quickly integrate dialers, screen pops, call-loggers, etc into their existing applications. End-users can choose to build their own telephony-enabled applications or to engage ExceleTel’s consulting and development services group to rapidly build out the needed functionality.  Download our new sample program today!

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Using the etSiemens Sample Program
Download the etSiemens Sample Program 

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Before you run this sample be sure that the Callbridge software provided with your telephone handset is properly installed or check with your PBX administrator.  The etSiemens program searches for telephony devices installed on the computer that use the Siemens CorNet TU TAPI Service Provider (TSP).

CallBridge TU supports TAPI Versions 2.0 on Windows NT 4.x or higher, TAPI Version 2.1 on Windows NT, Windows 95 and Windows 98 and TAPI Version 3.0 on Windows 2000.  This 1st party TAPI TSP works in conjunction with a USB cable that connects your handset to your PC. 

CallBridge is supported by PBXs running one of the following (or later) software versions:

Hicom 300 V3.4, Hicom 3000 E V1.0
HiPath 4000 V1.0
Hicom 150 E Modular Re1.1.1.
Hicom 150 E Office V1.0, V2.2
Hicom 150 H V1.0
HiPath AllServe 150 V1.0, HiPath 3000 V1.0
Hicom 100 E V2.02

  • This hardware and software requirements information was obtained from the Siemens CallBridge TU/CorNet TS TAPI Service    Provider documentation.  This document is dated December 2001 and is copyrighted to Siemens AG 1997-2001.

  •  While not officially supported by Siemens, we have found that CallBridge TU works well under  Windows XP.

Download the etSiemens Sample Program

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