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This application uses TeleTools to query a TAPI device or a wave device to find out what wave formats it supports.

This program is distributed as FREEWARE with no warranty to the developer community.


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  The only requirement to use this program is a TAPI Telephony device with a wave driver, or any device, such as a sound card, that has a windows wave driver.

Using This Sample Program

Click the "Select by TAPI device" radio button to let the program choose a TAPI telephony device and have the program try to automatically find the associated wave driver for that device and determine what wave formats it supports.

Click the "Select by Wave Driver" radio button to choose any wave device on your system, including sound cards, and determine what wave formats it supports.  This option is useful if you know the name of your wave driver or if you are testing something other than a telephony device.

Once you have selected the radio button of your choice, click on the "Query Formats" button to see a list of what formats this device reports as supported displayed in the text box. The list of wave formats will appear in the text box in two forms. The first description is the TeleTools wave format name and the one that follows to the right is the TeleTools constant you can use to reference that wave format when using TeleTools components.

The "List of Queried Formats" shows the list of wave formats tested against the device to see if it supports them. More wave formats may be added to the list in the future.  However, the list of wave formats supported by telephony devices is usually quite narrow and must consider the fact that the bandwidth of a telephone line makes anything sampled above about 8 to 11kHz a waste of space.

NOTE: Using CODECS may allow the device to support many more wave formats.  However, since this requires the appropriate CODEC to be installed on your machine, and you have no way of knowing if you deploy your application onto another machine that it has the same CODEC, and since using CODECS takes processor time to do real-time conversions, it is always best to play and record in one of the devices' native formats.

Download this Sample Program

This program is a stand alone executable program and requires no installation, just unzip the exe and run it from your local drive.



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How this Utility / Sample Program Works

This utility / sample program uses TeleTools components to make simple the task of using the Windows TAPI API and the Windows Multimedia API to find out what wave formats a particular TAPI or wave device supports.


Release Notes

November 23, 2005

packaged one of our test utilities to distribute as freeware to the developer community