etPager Sample Program


The etPager sample program demonstrates how to call a numeric pager service and leave a call back number.

If you have a voice modem please use the etVoiceModemPager sample program.


Using This Sample Program
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How this Sample Program Works
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  • A telephony device that supports Call Progress Monitoring

  • A telephony device that supports sending DTMF tones

  • TeleTools 3.7 and above

Using This Sample Program

  1. Select a telephony device using the drop down list box

  2. Enter the phone number for the pager in the edit box adjacent to the Dial button

  3. Change the duration if required.  This value is in milliseconds.
    If this value is zero the the telephony device's default digit duration will be used.
    Not all telephony devices support this feature.

  4. Enter a call back phone number

  5. Click the Dial button

Download this Sample Program

For Use TeleTools v3.7



EXE Ready to run!
Borland Delphi 5,6,7 Source code and wave files
Visual Basic 5,6 Source code and wave files
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How this Sample Program Works

This is a very simple telephony program with a minimum of error checking.  etPager shows how to dial a number using our call progress detection to report when the call has been successfully answered.  In our On_Connected event handler routine, we show how to use the etLine.CallSendDigits method to send the call back number to the pager with DTMF digits.  When the OnDigitsSent event is fired, we hangup the phone.



ComboDevice Combobox containing the list of available TAPI telephony devices
CommandDial Button to dial the phone with the etLine.CallDial method
TextPhoneNumber TextBox for entering the number you wish to dial
TextCallBackNumber TextBox to hold a callback number you wish sent to the pager
TextDuration Controls the duration of the DTMF digits sent
TextStatus TextBox to display updated call progress information


The TeleTools etLine TAPI Telephony component


Event Handler Routine


ComboDevice_Click Process the device change, check for what type of device it is and enable the device
CommandDial_Click Dial the phone number in the TextPhoneNumber field with the etLine.CallDial method
etLine1_OnBusy TeleTools' etLine_OnBusy method reports the line is busy
etLine1_OnConnected TeleTools' etLine_OnBusy method reports the call has connected successfully.  On devices that support positive voice detection, this event will only fire when it detects a human voice.
etLine1_OnDigitsSent TeleTools' etLine_OnBusy event reports that a DTMF digit was sent
etLine1_OnDisconnected TeleTools' etLine_OnBusy event reports the remote party hung up the phone
etLine1_OnIdle TeleTools' etLine_OnBusy event reports the call is idle and ready for the next call 
Form_Load Enable the Teletools components


Disable the TeleTools components




IsOnlyDataModem Function returning true if the device is a datamodem
IsVoiceModem Function returning true if the device is a voicemodem


hangs up the call with etLine.CallHangup


Release Notes

May 7, 2003