etDecodeBitFlags Sample Program


Decode TAPI Device information stored in bitflags for properties like media modes and bearer modes.  Find out if your device is reported as a data modem and what modes are supported.

Using This Sample Program
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  • TeleTools v3.7 or above

  • A properly installed TAPI telephony device or modem

Using This Sample Program

Select your TAPI device from the device dropdown list and press the "Display Modes" Button.  The modes supported by the selected device will be displayed in the log window.

The TeleTools  etLine.DeviceMediaModesAvailable property, and the etLine.DeviceCapabilitiesBearerModes properties which are stored at bitflags will be decoded by logically ANDing them with TeleTools constants like LINEBEARERMODE_VOICE to see if each mode is reported as supported by the device. The etLine.StringLINEMEDIAMODE() function will allow this value to be displayed as text.

Download this Sample Program

For Use TeleTools v3.7



EXE Ready to run!
Visual Basic 5,6 Source code and wave files
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ComboBox populated with the TAPI device on

Text1 Textbox to display calculated modes
Command1 Button to calculate and display modes in the log window
CommandInfo Button to display program info
etLine The TeleTools etLine TAPI telephony component


Event Handler Routine



Loads the form and enables the etLine component

Command1_Click Decode bitflags to display TAPI device modes in the log window
CommandInfo_Click Display about box




WriteLog Function to write lines to the log window


Release Notes

July 22, 2003

First Release