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Like you, we are members of the world-wide community of software developers.  Our first common goal is to get you off to a great start with telephony and TeleTools.  To do so effectively, we need to share information with you that is appropriate to your situation.  To begin to understand your requirements and your development and deployment environments, we ask that you share with us the information requested in the form below. Spending a few minutes now will help us serve you faster and better.

We review each of these requests individually.  Upon submission you will receive one automated message which acknowledges your request.  After your request is reviewed and approved (usually within 24-48 hours), you will receive several email messages targeted to the needs specified in your responses below.  Please be as thorough and accurate as you can now so that we may honor your request without delay and begin providing you with information to help you quickly move down the path of success.

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Play / Record Wav Audio
TAPI phone device (headset, handset, speakerphone)
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Voice prompt recording, editing, management
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