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TeleTone T-311 Telephone Access Unit
Product Description

Get the power of personal computer-telephone integration! The Teltone T-311 Telephone Access Unit enables computers to control telephone system functions such as answering and placing calls, observing call status, sending or receiving DTMF signals, "flashing" the line, and coupling audio sources onto the line.

The T-311 is a highly flexible tool for applications where DTMF access and control of computers and other equipment is needed. It lends itself to specialized application development, involving simple code writing.

The T-311 automates virtually all your calling, giving you the speed of a predictive dialer, without the expense and complexity. Applications for the T-311 include university alumni fund-raising, remote testing, voice messaging, and remote monitoring or control of alarm systems, energy management systems, and more.

The Teltone T-311 makes your business or organization telephone contacting more efficient and productive by giving you the power of personal computer-telephone integration!

  • Translates the computerís language (ASCII code) into the language of the telephone network (DTMF tones), and vice versa.
  • Detects and analyzes call progress tones such as dial tone, reorder, busy, and ringback, and informs computer of outgoing call status with ASCII code.
  • Detects presence of voice when outgoing call has been answered.
  • Answers incoming calls, and can be enabled to answer after a specified number of rings.
  • Protects your system with programmable password security.
  • Interfaces to and provides control of audio sources such as tape players or speech synthesizers for recording or playing back messages as directed by the computer.
  • Headset port for hands-free operation.
  • Uses the industry standard AT command set for maximum compatibility with existing communications software.
  • Quick, easy installation and setup.

Auto-Dialer Capabilities

When used in conjunction with contact management software, the T-311 is a powerful automatic dialer. Working with the records from the software database, it speeds call completion by detecting busy/reorder tone and immediately moving to the next number. The result is increased "talk time", thereby improving the efficiency of calling agents.

DTMF/ASCII Conversion

After a telephone connection has been established, ASCII characters from the computer are converted to DTMF tones and forwarded to the network. In the opposite direction, DTMF digits entered at a telephone keypad are converted to ASCII characters and forwarded to the computer.

Telephone Line Control Features
The T-311 enables computer control of the telephone line, including the following key features:

  • Off-hook
    The T-311 takes the line off-hook ("seizes" the line) when commanded by the computer to make or answer a call. The T-311 uses the standard ATD command to dial outgoing calls, but unlike most modems it provides full call progress monitoring.
  • On-hook
    The T-311 places the line on-hook (disconnects) upon command from the computer, or automatically if a caller fails the security check, loop current is lost, or inactivity timeout occurs.
  • Ringing
    The T-311 detects ringing on its incoming line. If response messages are enabled, the T-311 sends a RING message to the computer. The call is automatically answered if auto-answer is enabled.
  • Hold
    The T-311 puts calls on hold and removes the hold when commanded by the computer.

Outgoing Call Features
The T-311 controls outgoing calls with the following features:

  • Autodialing
    The T-311 can autodial a series of programmed numbers. It can also permanently store a number string for repeated dialing with the command "ATDS".
  • Tone and Pulse Dialing
    To ensure the widest possible range of applications, the T-311 works with both DTMF and rotary signaling. The T-311 can detect both primary and secondary dial tones. In the autodialing mode, the T-311 can be programmed to delay dialing until it detects secondary dial tone.
  • Call Progress
    By detecting and analyzing standard call progress tones (e.g., reorder, busy, and audible ringing ("ringback"), the T-311 is able to return information to the computer about the status of originated calls. By detecting Special Information Tones (S.I.T.), the T-311 recognizes incomplete calls to speed placement of the next call.

Incoming Call Features
The T-311 controls incoming calls with the following features:

  • Auto and Forced Answer
    Auto answer allows unsupervised operation of the T-311; forced answer commands the T-311 to answer the call. By disabling answer altogether, the T-311 owner can ensure that the telephone line is used for making outgoing calls only.
  • Security Checking on Answer
    When security is enabled, the T-311 automatically disconnects callers who fail to enter the correct password in the allotted time.

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